Sales Manager - Experience Required

                               Washington Air Compressor Rental Co.
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Metro Region
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Pay based upon experience.
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Full Time
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Company Description


Family owned and operated construction equipment company since 1931. Multiple locations in the Washington Metro area. Provides quality products for sale and rental, with or without operators, and reliable services for our customers' needs.

As we have continued to grow, our commitment to the employees has remained our top priority. Having quality staff enables us to give the customer attention needed to maintain the higher standards required to conduct good business practices in today's environment.


Job Description

  Responsible for the Sales Force. -Training, recruiting, motivating and evaluating the Sales Force. Budgeting out the different territories. Report to the CEO and senior management. Monitor commission program. Perform product evaluations and help determine quantities -Establish Sales program. Develop and grow customer base. -Holds seat on purchasing committee.

Job Requirements

  Needs minimum of 10 years experience, preferably 15 to 20 years.

Contact Info

  Stephen Cranford Fax: 301-230-5830 Attn: Stephen Cranford
  Phone: 301-230-5800 Email: jobs@washair.com