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When you need a light in the darkness!


Safety is a key element of every event that goes into the night!

We offer Ingersoll Rand's industry leading LIGHTSOURCE Light Towers and SPECIAL umbrella lighting for a unique lighting experience!


We Are Your Rental Solutions Specialists!





Our diesel powered Light Towers have a run time of 62 hours on a single tank. They are also towable which allows placement around an event for the most efficient lighting possible.
Please give us a call if you would like      us to estimate how many light towers    you will need for a given area.

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Umbrella lighting

Our umbrella lights offer a unique event experience. These lights run silently off of a generator placed away from where you need the light to avoid any noise. We offer custom color covers to create a special feel for your event. We guarantee that these lights will put your event into the books as they create a great mood!

Our umbrella lights can also be attached to aerial lifts to create a "moon light" experience above your participants, this creates an incredible experience!


We also offer Bulldog Lighting Products!

The ideal light for the big jobs, the Power Towers™ are both versatile and portable. Powerful enough to light up to 6 acres, durable enough for construction sites, portable enough to fit in the trunk of a car
  Dual Power Options
1000 & 1500 Watt Models Plug into any 15 Amp, 120 Volt Power Source

2000 Watt Models requires a 120 Volt, 20 Amp Power Source
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